Digital Literacy Through Blogging and Multimedia Writing

Sample Lesson 1: How to Start a Blog Safely and Quickly

Introduction – Orientation  (lesson goals and objectives)

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Digital literacy is vital to professional success in the 21st Century. One way of developing that literacy is by blogging and creating meaningful digital content to post on your blog.  

These are the two main goals of this safe blogging lesson:

  • creating/maintaining a blog on the real world internet
  • creating authentic images and videos (artifacts) to publish on your blog – for real people to see and, hopefully, appreciate.

Please note that this is the first online lesson of the blended course, Digital Literacy in the 21st Century.

Meet Your Instructor

Objectives of this Online Lesson:

In this online lesson, you will

  • develop a solid understanding of  online privacy
  • heighten your awareness of your own digital footprint
  • develop a personal blog (at that maintains an appropriate level of privacy
  • upload and embed both still images and videos to your blog
  • create blog posts that are meaningful to yourself and your readers/viewers while keeping your digital footprint positive
  • participate as a member of a blended learning community by expressing your professional opinions about blogging and blogs
  • participate in a major group collaboration that is a pre-requisite for Filmmaking Project #1, which begins just prior to midterm