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Attributions, References, and Acknowledgement

Course: ETEC 590 - Graduating Project

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Complete Reference List

Please note that the list below is a complete compilation of all the references that are posted in this ePortfolio at various locations. 

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Special Acknowledgement

Basic Academic English Conversation Class

To the HYU students who appear in the splash screen photo image, I want to express my deepest appreciation.


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Real Life Examples of Linking Theory to Practice:

The following blurbs will connect you to current examples of linking theory to practice.

More About Gary

additional information about Gary’s background & current practice

Reflections on HYU Practice

ongoing initiatives to support learners and faculty at Hanyang University

Overview of Current Sites

e-learning spaces that Gary currently uses in professional practice

Links to Old Spaces

discontinued spaces that trace Gary’s online footprint back to 2001