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'Out to Pasture' Websites

Discontinued Online Learning Spaces

Inactive Course Pages

LearnBlog (2012 - 2013)

My first WordPress site, LearnBlog uses a boxed layout and is FocusonLearning’s forerunner (and backup).

EFL Instructor (2011-2012)

The last iteration of “EFL Instructor,” which was a URL that was more teacher-centered than student-centered and therefore left to expire into the dead domain abyss.

EFL Instructor (2010 - 2011)

After joining the Hanyang University faculty, the domain “eflinstructor” was repurposed to become the URL for my course pages at HYU.

Inactive ePortfolios

An ePortfolio of EdTech (2013)

A site built with Dreamweaver before starting on the UBC MET program.

EFL Instructor eP (2008 - 2009)

The first ePortfolio to include actual artifacts (videos of CELTA lessons and sample lesson plans) as well as the usual resume. (Password Protected)

EFL Instructor eP - Public (2008)

This eP has all personal information redacted from it. It shows me speaking Korean. (Perhaps that should have been redacted also.)

EFL Instructor eP - Unredacted (2008)

This is the same as “EFL Instructor eP – Public (2008),” except it is complete and password protected.

GeoCities: ePortfolio (2002)

One of my earliest attempts at creating an ePortfolio. Many schools were using Macintosh computers with 9″ screens, so the page size had to be small. (Password Protected) 

Inactive Educational Resources

PD Workshop for CEEC (April, 2012)

A resource site of video tutorials, links, and files built for PD workshop support.

UDL Resource Room (2007-2009)

A resource site for the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. Included data sheets and self-hosted video tutorials (because YouTube was too new and unreliable).

JAppleseed Catalogue (2007)

As the JAppleseed representative for BC, I provided interested educators with easy access to the classroom paperback catalogue provided by our company.

Inactive Business & Personal Sites

OptimalStuff Videos, etc. (2005 - 2006)

This is restoration of the SSINC “supplementary site” that I used as an Account Executive during a brief hiatus away from the school system.

CanadaCorea Videos (2002 - 2003)

A restoration of a video site that I started in 2003 and abandoned in early 2004 (due to work commitments).

GeoCities: SeoulCanadian Eh (2001)

This is a restoration of an early personal site created in 2001, on GeoCities. There were no videos. Again, it was sized for compatibility with Macintosh computers’ tiny screens

Real Life Examples of Linking Theory to Practice:

The following blurbs will connect you to current examples of linking theory to practice.

More About Gary

additional information about Gary’s background & current practice

Reflections on HYU Practice

ongoing initiatives to support learners and faculty at Hanyang University

Overview of Current Sites

e-learning spaces that Gary currently uses in professional practice

Links to Old Spaces

discontinued spaces that trace Gary’s online footprint back to 2001

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