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Key Competencies


Audio Reflection on the Development of this ePortfolio

The following audio reflection is about 3 minutes long.  It explains how I’ve been slowly developing this ePortfolio (and the key competencies) for more than 15 years. It also expresses thoughts on participating in the ETEC590 and MET Community. 🙂


I chose to not use a linear approach where one simply presents the completed courses in chronological order–the same order in which they were taken. One reason for this is because much of my best and most aesthetically appealing work was achieved in the more recent courses. Although it is important to show how one’s knowledge has been developed and shaped over time, I think it is also important to create a positive and appealing first impression by highlighting content that is most relevant to the main purpose and audience of this ePortfolio. Since that purpose is more about demonstrating six key competencies – and the audience may include potential employers in both the academic and private sectors – I correlated examples of my work (artifacts and reflections) with competencies that could be applied in any professional practice. The use of a theme or metaphor was a UBC MET Program requirement that I thought could best be met by focusing on my passions for lifelong learning and fitness training.

For anyone browsing this site, the main advantage is that you are free to check out whatever areas (competencies) that interest you and the best way to do that is by using the “KEY COMPETENCIES” mega menu that is located just above this page, scanning the thumbnails and descriptions, then clicking/tapping on whatever thumbnails/artifacts are of greatest interest to you. Feel free to skip around randomly or just follow the order given in the mega menu–it is completely your choice!

Helen Barrett PhD., also known as the grandmother of ePortfolios, is my main inspiration for organizing this site according to key competencies. In one of her many online documents , she demonstrates the process of compiling a list of her artifacts, reflecting on their significance in relation to key competencies, and forming appropriate groups for those competencies.  

Of course, ETEC590 provided a number of other excellent literatures from other researchers and they, too, had major influence on how this ePortfolio is designed.

Below is a short playlist of YouTube videos ; ;   that were also influential in this site’s design:


TEDxASB - Helen Barrett - 2/25/10
An example of an excellent ePortfolio



Key Competencies


To access specific artifacts, use the mega menu above (MET KEY COMPETENCIES).

To access an entire competency page, tap/click on the thumbnail (below) of your choice:


Real Life Examples of Linking Theory to Practice:

The following blurbs will connect you to current examples of linking theory to practice.

More About Gary

additional information about Gary’s background & current practice

Reflections on HYU Practice

ongoing initiatives to support learners and faculty at Hanyang University

Overview of Current Sites

e-learning spaces that Gary currently uses in professional practice

Links to Old Spaces

discontinued spaces that trace Gary’s online footprint back to 2001

Tap or click to view the image attributions for the photos that appear on this page.

Image Attributions

Tap or click to view references to some excellent sources that informed this ePortfolio


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