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Current E-Learning Spaces

live sites & blogs

Focus on Learning

Students begin here for basic information and video tutorials on how to start on the course.

Open Educational Resource

As part of a group project for a UBC course, I designed this site for continued use.

The Blog (for Focus on Learning)

1000’s of video tutorials, example media, useful links, and social learning tools are hosted here.

Hanyang English Film Festival

Students use this site to get involved with the annual HYU English  film festival.

Multimedia Writing Moodle Site

Designed to not look like a typical Moodle site, this affords collaboration & self-assessment.

The UBC ETEC565A Blog

From the online University of British Columbia Master of Educational Technology Program

Canvas LMS

Courses are securely hosted on a Learning Management System like this one.

Filmmaking Tutorials

This site includes educational and inspirational videos for film festival participants

Google Drive & Hangouts Wiki Page

Designed in March 2013, this resource has attracted nearly 3,000 visitors.

Real Life Examples of Linking Theory to Practice:

The following blurbs will connect you to current examples of linking theory to practice.

More About Gary

additional information about Gary’s background & current practice

Reflections on HYU Practice

ongoing initiatives to support learners and faculty at Hanyang University

Overview of Current Sites

e-learning spaces that Gary currently uses in professional practice

Links to Old Spaces

discontinued spaces that trace Gary’s online footprint back to 2001

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